Connexion Mobility & UVeye Announce Integration

UVeye now integrates wiht connexion mobility

The integration between UVeye’s AI-powered inspection system and Connexion Mobility’s loaner fleet management platform will be available to over 4,000 General Motors dealers, as announced at NADA 2024

[Teaneck, New Jersey – (01/31)] – UVeye, in collaboration with Connexion Mobility and General Motors, is set to improve the way GM dealerships manage their loaner and rental fleet operations. 

Building on the success of the OnTRAC platform for loaner and rental fleet management, and UVeye’s AI-powered inspection systems, this new solution improves the accuracy and efficiency of loaner fleet vehicle inspections for dealers.

A new standard of customer experience for dealers

In this collaboration, UVeye’s  technology – already operational at hundreds of US GM dealerships – will power a seamless experience for dealers by populating real vehicle images and a full condition report automatically within OnTRAC. 

This enables dealers to easily identify damage during loaner vehicle handovers, including tire damage (sidewall, rim, and tread depth), underbody issues, such as leaks or broken parts, and exterior damage, such as scratches and dents. The transparent damage documentation is then made available to customers via SMS, fostering trust and transparency in every transaction.

Connexion’s integration with UVeye’s technology not only drives cost efficiency for dealers, but also accelerates the loaner vehicle process. With a substantial reduction in visual walkaround time and a streamlined inspection process, dealers can save valuable minutes per vehicle, offering customers quicker and more efficient service.

David Marsh, Executive Director, GM Customer Care and Aftersales said: “This is a significant announcement for General Motors dealers. The integration of OnTRAC and UVeye will not only streamline the loaner fleet process but also enhance the overall customer experience.”

This collaboration signifies a commitment to industry leadership, as General Motors becomes the first global OEM to integrate automatic inspection into its loaner vehicle process. 

Connexion Mobility and UVeye will present this collaboration at a joint panel at the UVeye booth #2921W during the National Dealer Association (NADA) 2024 Show in Las Vegas.

About UVeye:

UVeye is a leading provider of AI-powered vehicle inspection systems, with installations at hundreds of dealerships, auction sites, and fleet locations globally. The company’s drive-thru systems use artificial intelligence to detect external or mechanical flaws, identify anomalies, modifications, or foreign objects under and around a vehicle within seconds. General Motors is a strategic investor in UVeye, offering a nationwide program for dealers to join with incentives. UVeye’s commitment to redefining the inspection process aligns with its mission to ensure every vehicle on the road meets the highest safety and quality standards.

For more information, visit UVeye’s website.

UVeye Media Contact:

Sarah Schloss

+1 914 506 5105

About Connexion Mobility:

Connexion is a public, enterprise-grade, mobility software company servicing the global Automotive Retail industry. Its mission is to be the “Connexion” between Fleet Owners and the Future of Mobility, starting with courtesy transportation.

The Company’s proprietary OnTRAC and Connexion platforms incorporate embedded telemetry, fleet management, contract management and data analytics tools to help OEMs and dealerships move people, parts, and vehicles.

Connexion powers courtesy transportation for thousands of dealerships across the US, including the General Motors retail network, maximising their asset utilisation and increasing operational efficiency, whilst elevating the end-customer experience. For more information, visit Connexion Mobility.

Connexion Mobility Contact: 

Tony Vigiletti

+1 313 480 35383