Toll management made simple

Fully automated toll management solution that includes invoicing and billing

Tolls happen. Don't get stuck with the bill. Whether a customer using your vehicle for a test drive, a rental or a service loaner - we have you covered.

Dealers often experience difficulties with toll cost management due to large fleet sizes, billing complexity, or lack of resources. Left unmanaged, many dealers receive a sizeable bill from the toll authority. Connexion’s Toll Management addresses this costly issue with a transparent cloud-based solution that automatically tracks tolls and bills the appropriate customer.

Lowest toll rates

We provide you with the ability to take advantage of the transponder / corporate rate and discounts and pass this on to your customers


We ensure that all tolls are accounted for and we support with documentation needed for charge-backs

Connexion adapts to Your Business

  • Your process, simplified
  • Your transponder / toll account
  • Eliminate administration
  • Itemized invoice with date/time          
  • Enhanced customer trust through transparency
  • Cloud-based, with no installation / IT setup needed

$2,976Per dealership.

Average Monthly Saving in Uncollected Tolls


Toll Reduction

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