Toll Management for Ontrac Users

Fully automated toll management solution that includes invoicing and billing-available for Ontrac

Now Ontrac users can utilize our fully automated toll management solution that includes invoicing and billing.

OnTrac often experience difficulties with toll cost management due to large fleet sizes, billing complexity, or lack of resources. Left unmanaged, many dealers receive a sizeable bill from the toll authority. Tollaid addresses this costly issue with a transparent cloud-based app that automatically tracks tolls and bills the appropriate customer.

Lowest Toll Rates

We provide you with the ability to take advantage of the transponder / corporate rate and discounts and pass this on to your customers


We ensure that all tolls are accounted for and we support with documentation needed for charge-backs

Connexion Adapts To Your Business

  • Your process
  • Your ways of working
  • Itemized invoice with date/time for transparency
  • Do more with less staff
  • Your transponder / toll account
  • Cloud-native – no installation / IT setup needed