NADA Conference Banner for Connexion Mobility

Welcome to NADA Conference 2024!

On behalf of the entire team at Connexion Mobility, we extend our warmest greetings to all the esteemed delegates, especially the representatives of over 16,000 new-car dealers. Your presence amplifies the voice of the industry and reinforces the bridge between dealers, manufacturers, and stakeholders.

At Connexion Mobility, we are committed to driving innovation and fostering connections that propel the automotive sector forward. We eagerly anticipate engaging discussions, insightful exchanges, and collaborative opportunities that will steer us towards a future of mobility that is not only advanced but also inclusive and sustainable.

Let’s navigate the road ahead together, shaping the future of the automotive industry with every mile we cover.

why you should join

Attending the NADA event offers a unique opportunity for professionals in the automotive industry to network, learn, and advocate. As a pivotal gathering, it unites influential minds nationwide. You’ll get direct insights into the latest trends, technologies, and best practices. Engage with over 16,000 new-car dealers and experts, building relationships for potential partnerships. The event also serves as a platform to voice your concerns and ensure representation at federal levels and within the industry. If you’re aiming to broaden your knowledge, extend your network, or impact industry standards and policies, the NADA event is a key resource to elevate your business and career.