Connexion Mobility & Quickride Announce Integration

Quickride Announce Integration - Connexion Mobility News

New Integrated Shuttle Management Product — Connect Transport  

The integration will provide shared users access to Connexion Mobility’s Connect Transport software in addition to its core suite of solutions.

LOS ANGELES, CA—Connexion Mobility, the developer of OnTRAC, General Motor’s exclusive Courtesy Transportation Management Solution for dealerships, today announces a new partnership with Quickride. a premium shuttle service for automotive dealerships. 

The partner’s integration provides users access to an integrated dashboard experience allowing the Dealer to manage their Courtesy Transportation fleet and shuttle service together. 

“Elevating the customer experience is essential, and cross-industry research shows us that the final moments of any experience are the most memorable, all else equal.” said Aaryn Nania, CEO of Connexion Mobility. “By partnering with Quickride, Connexion Mobility is helping dealerships to regain control of those final moments of the customer’s experience by combining the best innovation borne out of ride-hail, with the extended human touch, branding and quality consistency that leading dealerships pride themselves on.”

Mr. Nania commented further:  “Customers expect a prompt and high-quality ride back from the dealership, and with the increase in ride-share costs and wait times, dealerships are moving to proven alternatives. Quickride automates and optimizes this to the next level.”

The joint offering helps dealerships seamlessly deliver the best customer experience, while at the same time increasing service advisor productivity and repair order revenue. Key benefits of their new product include the following: 

1)  Fleet and Courtesy Transportation  Management

2) Driver tracking, navigation, and route optimization, 

3) Customer mobile app and real-time shuttle updates,

4) A single dashboard to manage all Courtesy Transportation needs. and

5) Unlimited centralized shuttle dispatching.

“Connexion Mobility’s commitment to building a best-in-class integration to their already game-changing product will help their dealer partners provide an unbeatable customer experience,” said Fernando Uribe, VP of Operations at Quickride. “We are proud to have this partnership agreement finalized and to leverage our technology that allows them to build on their goal to create an integrated, centralized system of market-leading products.”

About Connexion Mobility Telematics Ltd

Connexion Mobility Telematics Ltd is a developer and owner of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for the global Automotive industry, notably its OnTRAC and Connexion Mobility platforms. OnTRAC is used by General Motors (GM) to manage the largest Courtesy Transportation Program (CTP) in the US, and the Connexion Mobility Platform is designed with OEM-agnostic functionality.

About Quickride Logistics, Inc.

Founded in 2017 by two automotive dealership Service Directors, Quickride Logistics, Inc. is a fast-growing SaaS company serving dealerships in the U.S. and Canada, providing logistical and mobility solutions. Quickride is already serving the nation’s largest and most influential automotive groups and has received acclaim for revolutionizing a long-neglected and frustrating process. Quickride is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.