Connexion and Quickride become partners




Connexion and Quickride have teamed up to make your life easier. Their new solution provides tools that give you more options in Courtesy Transportation Fulfillment while still facilitating the contracting, OEM submission and insurance requirements. Data seamlessly integrates across the two platforms, allowing a single source of truth for delighting your customers, both in operations and customer experience.

Your customers will benefit from a better overall shuttle experience, reduced wait times and vehicle processing times, while your store experiences lower overall costs in software, manpower and training time.

Who is Connexion?

OnTRAC Powered by Connexion Logo

Connexion provides modern and easy-to-use Courtesy Transportation Software that elevates the customer experience.  If you are a General Motors Dealership, you likely already know us as “OnTRAC”.

Who is Quickride?

Quickride provides modern and easy-to-use shuttle and concierge software that helps dealerships turn their transportation services from a cost center into a profit center.


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