Connect Transport

No More waiting At Your Dealership

Connect Transport turns your shuttles from a cost center into a profit center.

Save Time

Connect Transport’s route optimization technology takes traffic, and road conditions into consideration to ensure your drivers take the quickest and most efficient routes with turn by turn directions.

Efficient Routes

Connect Transport provides built-in mapping within the App.  This gives your drivers turn-by-turn directions for their next pick-up, drop off and return home.

Retention Impact

Customers who use Connect Transport are more likely to return for Service. In addition, customers spend more on repairs vs. those that wait in the lounge.  

Save Money

Many Connect Transport Dealers apply shuttle transportation charges to the Warranty R.O.s – allowing them to make a profit on Shuttle Service.  

Stay In Command

With a glance at the Connect Transport command center, you’ll know where all of your shuttles are and at what time they will reach their destination – all in real-time. 

Communicate Better

Shuttle riders will know exactly where and when to meet the driver through push notifications and phone calls. No more missed shuttles.


Customize Your Messaging

You are in control of the message that your customers receive.  Maintain Dealership branding, tag lines, and process through text messaging and push notifications

connect transport message

Driver Updates

Shuttle drivers receive real-time notifications for ride updates and cancellations. 

Customer Updates

Customers receive push notification and text messages to alert them the driver is on the way.  In addition customers recieve a phone call from the driver when they have arrived so they never miss thier ride.   

Automated Messaging

All messaging is sent without the effort of the Driver or Service Team.  That provides a great and consistent experience for every customer.  

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